Please arrive 30 minutes early to ensure timely check-in. Late players will not get a refund. Full Refund only if you cancel within 48 hour notice.
Each game lasts 50 minutes.

Fill Online Waiver here.


Every customer wishing to participate must sign a waiver, either online or in-store prior to entering.

For everyone to have a fun and enjoyable time, we have several safety rules that must be followed:

  1. Obey The Referee. The Referee's decision is final. No objections.
  2. No studded footwear is permitted. Players must wear appropriate closed-toe footwear. No Shin-guards will be allowed. Knee pads are recommended.
  3. No Sleeveless shirt, must be short sleeve or long sleeve.
  4. No chewing gum, eating or drinking inside the court area.
  5. No jewellery of any kind are permitted and will be enforced by the referee for players safety.
  6. No foul language. If continues after referee warnings you will be removed from the game.
  7. Please respect other players, the referee and other staff at all times.
  8. Any over aggressive plays will result in penalties. If behavior continues, player will receive a red card, and will be removed from the field. And there will be no refunds!
  9. Hygiene - After each game, you must clean your bubble ball (out of respect for those who will use the bubble ball next). The staff will provide you with cleaning supplies. This only takes you a few seconds.

Thank you for your cooperation.



The ball will be placed in the centre of the field, and teams line up along their goal line. When the whistle blows, team may run to the ball for possessions. This will occur every time a goal is scored.

Penalty Kicks

They are given at the discretion of the referee. If players are playing overly aggressive manner then a penalty kick will be awarded to the opposing team.


There are no offside.

Ball in Bubble

If the ball lands inside a bubble, the play will stop and the ball will return for a kick-off.

Goal keepers

There will be no designated goalie, but if you wish to have one of your teammate standing in front of the goal, this is acceptable.


  1. Excessive force bumps without the intent to gain possession of the ball OR without the intent to clear the path of the ball to the goal.
  2. Be considerate of other players physical size, do not use excessive force on smaller players.
  3. Avoid hits from behind and blind spots.
  4. You are not allow to hit players when they are not on their feet, or without a bubble.